L’Oreal Prodigy hair colour 4.0 Sepia


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WARNING – do not buy if you have hair any longer than chin length!  I have shoulder length hair and there was not enough product for the purpose of doing a good job.  I did raise the issue with L’Oreal who kindly sent me some face creams as compensation – thank you L’Oreal.

I bought it as it purports to be free of ammonia, as well as giving highlights and lowlights.  However if you’re looking for the highlight/lowlight look, I would go with the Clariol nice ‘n’ easy range.  The other ammonia free one on the market (Garnier Olio) – coincidentally, also doesn’t have enough product.   I have already blogged about these.

Anyway – back to the actual product, be aware of the mixing bottle, it’s easy to get this the wrong way round and potentially throw product all around the sink.

The application is certainly less messier than other products on the market and the colour when developed, was quite good.

However, I would not use again and if using a L’Oreal colour, I would recommend the Excellence range.

Sorry I can’t comment anymore on it but I was so disappointed – not having enough product is a real issue and not something you can deal with, once you’ve applied what product you do have, so despite L’Oreal’s overtures and appreciated courtesy products of face creams, left me very under whelmed.

4/10 – rating given for the application mechanism and the quality of colour only.


Garnier 5 sec Perfect Blur


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This is one of the BB creams that have erupted over the last couple of years.  Claims to have use as either a primer before applying foundation, or as a cream to even out skin tone, fine lines & redness.  How does it shape up?

  •  Comes in a standard squeezy tube, there appears to be some problems getting out of the tube, comes out in blobs as opposed to a seamless stroke, like a toothpaste would!  Aside from that minor issue, it does work, with or without make-up.
  • You don’t need to use much, a whole tube can last up to 6 weeks, I would suggest.
  • Overall result with make-up? It certainly seems to disguise the finer lines, especially on the forehead, which would be my problem area.
  • Value for money?  Price point – c€13, although independent chemists often have on special offer for about €8-10, which I think is a better price point, for this particular product.
  • Marks out of 10?  7.5/10, dropped points because of the messy application, but overall a good buy for those on a budget.

One for the plastic travel freezer bag! – Olay Total Effects 7 in One moisturiser & serum


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What I love about this product is the packaging – it’s one of very few quality creams that easily pop into the plastic bag for hand baggage only travel, plus it has a really neat dispenser that the more you use, the transparent container allows you to see when you are going to run out (see my pic).

However – what’s the product like? Gorgeous un-offensive fragrance and thick dense texture that give you the confidence that it might actually do something!  Plus it has the serum contained within, which again saves on packing products when travelling.

I love the way it feels on my skin and foundation seems to easily go on after 10-15 minutes without any sign of trackiness!

Most importantly it also has SPF20 built in.

Does it work – that’s hard to tell, unless you had those scientific before & after pictures taken!  However it feels like it’s working and my skin is certainly none the worse for it.


An affordable quality buy, with the fabulous dispenser makes it a product for most people, looking for the convenience of serum-moisturiser in one, plus the SPF.

RATING – 8/10

Clairol nice ‘n easy Age Defy – Fight 7 Signs hair colour


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The latest offering from Clairol nice n’ easy.  This differs from other hair colours, in that it has a sachet of pre-treatment gel, which you apply to your dry hair, before mixing & applying the colour.  Then the finishing cream post rinse, is a Pantene Pro-V formula.  The pre-treatment claims to soften coarse, resistant grey hair so colour gets in smoothly.

I found the overall quantities great for my long hair (mid back length);- unlike other colours, there was more than enough to ensure good coverage.


  • Standard tube of colour cream squeezes into the mixing vessel for the usual shaking exercise
  • Nozzle allows for parting of the hair, to aid application
  • Timing for a root only application is 20 minutes, then use the remainder of the mixture to emulsify through to the end of the hair for a final 5 minutes


Rinsed out quicker & easier than other hair colours

You need half a tube of the post rinse colour seal, leave for 2 minutes


Brilliant shine, colour is consistent and not at all patchy (I wouldn’t be the best at even application) – really pleased with the results.

RATING – 9/10












Revlon Age Defying DNA Advantage Cream Make-up


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A very reasonably mid-priced anti-ageing foundation, which I would highly recommend.

  • Packaging & application – Oblong shaped glass bottle with red plastic top.  Pump action dispenser.  The foundation dispenses in even, steady bursts. Apply with fingertips, either after using a primer, or on naked cleansed and moisturised skin.  Gives an even coverage and matt finish.
  • Does it diminish lines? – Yes, for a mid priced foundation with extra ingredients for the anti wrinkle component, it’s an excellent buy.
  • Marks out of 10 – 9/10

**for best results use over a primer product.



Vichy Dermablend Stick Corrector


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Apparently an industrial strength cover-all corrector stick, for scars, blemishes and dark circles amongst others.

  • Packaging and application – neat black twist up wand design (lipstick in style).  As drummed into me as an adolescent, always apply creams to the eye area, with your ring finger, which I duly do.
  • Coverage – very opaque, needs careful blending in with make-up.  I have used it without make-up (I had an unsightly black eye – but a story for another day) and if you have the closest colour match and blend it well, to the affected area, it works ok.  However my overall view is that it works best with the whole works!
  • Black circle coverage? – I have always had a problem with dark circles, especially in the inner corners of my eyes, less so, under my eyes.  I know these are largely hereditary and diet related, so I don’t hold out much hope for a miracle cream!  Again, blended in effectively, stick corrector does bring some light and coverage to this tricky area, but it is most definitely not a miracle solution that banishes all traces.
  • Overall rating – 8/10

L’Oreal Skin Perfection – Radiance Revealing Gentle Exfoliator


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I wouldn’t have been a great user of exfoliators, until I stumbled across this one!  Now I’m hooked.  I use this once a day, usually in the morning and your face just glows with health and goodness afterwards!

  • Application – straightforward, not overly “gritty”, makes for easy removal, with splashes of lukewarm water.
  • Results – glowing, fresh looking face, ready for your regular application of moisturiser.
  • Value for money, as with all L’Oreal products, premium products for generally affordable prices and products that work.
  • Overall rating – 9/10

If you’re new to exfoliators, give this one a whirl!  Retain your nightly routine, of cleanse, tone & moisturise and use this in the mornings, for an instant revival!


Garnier 5 sec Perfect Blur (primer)


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Garnier 5 sec Perfect Blur, definitely does improve the appearance of your skin.  On the days, for whatever reason I don’t use it (or any other primer), my skin definitely shows up more blemishes.

  • Application/packaging – comes in a squeezy bottle.  It is prone to coming out into lumps sometimes, as opposed to a smooth strip of paste.  One note of caution – it does feel slightly drying on application, so whether it would suit very dry skin – I’m not sure.  I have regular normal skin, so it works for me.
  • Absorption – very good, blends into the skin with minimal effort and aids the application of your regular “top coat” 🙂 (foundation).
  • Value for money – good, comes in at about €8-13, depending on special offers.
  • Overall rating – 8/10

Overall verdict – good value product.  Not the best on the market, but does what it says on the tube!




RoC Multi-Correxion Eye cream


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Well, eye creams, so many people neglect this needy area.  Environmental, smoking,squinting and laughing can all have an impact on this delicate area.

This is a squeezy tube cream, you need very, very little, about 3mm for each eye, just pat it around the eye socket with your ring finger and it absorbs easily, into the skin.

Again “10 years younger” isn’t just a clever marketing trick!  It really does work and for that reason I am giving it 9/10.

Price point – about €17/18.

RoC Wrinkle Correxion


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I’ve been using RoC creams for about 12 years now and their tagline “10 years younger”, is certainly not just a gimmicky con trick!

Wrinkle Correxion comes in a pump action dispenser (not to everyone’s liking) and there is a night & day version.  It contains Retin-ox as the active ingredient.

A tube will last a good month, used once a day.  There is faint perfume off the cream, but nothing overwhelming.  The texture is slightly more thick than a usual potted cream, but this gives the feeling of luxury and you don’t need much.

I would thoroughly recommend this particular RoC cream and give it 9/10!

Price point – €34, but sometimes discounted at regional, local Pharmacies.

“10 years younger” indeed!!