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I have to admit I haven’t been a great user of organic products, although I have recently been delighted with a Lavera hand cream (subject of another blog).

Anyway – this award winning ‘organic based 100% permanent hair colours’ product, which is also free of ammonia, resorcinol (whatever that is) and parabens – comes in a range of light and dark colours, the one I am testing is 3.0 dark coffee brown.

Components & preparation

Gloves, after-colour treatment,  1 mixing bottle and 1 cream colour.  This in itself is a massive bonus – keep it simple.  I do not see the point of extras, such as the current colour extender product in the L’Oreal Excellence range at all (another blog) and which is what caused me to try the Naturigin colour instead.

It mixes very well, the colour looks slightly dubious and is more coloured after mixing than the chemical ones, presumably because of the ammonia that the mainstream ones contain.


What really impressed me with it though, is that it really doesn’t run as much as the other mainstream products, I only had to dab a few blobs off straight after applying.  Also for someone that has below the shoulder hair, it contains ample product which is another bugbear of mine!  It has a standard 30 minute setting time, 20 minutes roots, 10 minutes the remainder of your hair.


If you have sensitive eyes like me, there is quite a sting factor if you get any of the residue near your eyes.

The aftercare product is quite unusual in that it is a foaming lather type thing (there isn’t much of it either).  I knew when I was letting it rest in my hair, that it wasn’t going to leave me with tangle-free hair and it didn’t.  I had to hack away at my hair to comb it ready to blow-dry which annoyed me a little!

End result 

The colour has covered the grey, so let’s see what it’s like after a few washes!  One thing I would observe, is that the end result is my hair is like baby hair, as opposed to the slightly more glossy finish, you enjoy with the other mainstream products.  There is a good shine to it, but the texture is very fly-away and a bit of a letdown.

Summary – 8/10

It was hovering around the 9.5/10 mark prior to the rinse and end result!  I just think the finishing product needs a little adjustment maybe.


Application (largely drip-free) & the actual colour


The conditioning treatment