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Swissline is a range I discovered inadvertently through my main business (recruitment) back in the summer- long story!

I had the fortune to trial the Cell Shock total lift night cream along with the Cell Shock total lift rich day cream and the Cell Shock Anti-aging serum – triple collagen.

First thing that I noticed, that unlike any other creams I have tried, Cell Shock had a unique purple gel like consistency, which was incredibly easy to apply in small quantities.  I would suggest that a standard 50ml pot, would last for approximately 3 months, used on a nightly basis.

After 2 months of using the 3 combined products, I can honestly say that my skin is less lined and tired looking.  More importantly a long-standing kink  (or dent) over my eye, has nearly disappeared.  Friends that I haven’t seen for months, all comment on my “fresh” looking appearance and can’t seem to fathom what is different about me.

These products are high-end, they retail at roughly the same price as La Prairie or Creme de la mer.  They will not be a regular feature in my armory based on that fact alone, but when I have got the means, I will undoubtedly treat myself, as they really do work and live up the their promises – namely skin up to 10 years younger and in the case of the night cream here, you do wake up with skin in a good rested state, despite whether you did actually have a good quality of sleep.

My trial coincided with a period of a short holiday, where I slightly indulged in more wine than I would do usually and my skin would usually take a heavy toll, but I can definitely say, that my skin wasn’t noticeably affected and my make-up went on easily, unlike it usually doesn’t after a few drinks!

Worth it – absolutely.

Rating – 10/10