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What I love about this product is the packaging – it’s one of very few quality creams that easily pop into the plastic bag for hand baggage only travel, plus it has a really neat dispenser that the more you use, the transparent container allows you to see when you are going to run out (see my pic).

However – what’s the product like? Gorgeous un-offensive fragrance and thick dense texture that give you the confidence that it might actually do something!  Plus it has the serum contained within, which again saves on packing products when travelling.

I love the way it feels on my skin and foundation seems to easily go on after 10-15 minutes without any sign of trackiness!

Most importantly it also has SPF20 built in.

Does it work – that’s hard to tell, unless you had those scientific before & after pictures taken!  However it feels like it’s working and my skin is certainly none the worse for it.


An affordable quality buy, with the fabulous dispenser makes it a product for most people, looking for the convenience of serum-moisturiser in one, plus the SPF.

RATING – 8/10