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WARNING – do not buy if you have hair any longer than chin length!  I have shoulder length hair and there was not enough product for the purpose of doing a good job.  I did raise the issue with L’Oreal who kindly sent me some face creams as compensation – thank you L’Oreal.

I bought it as it purports to be free of ammonia, as well as giving highlights and lowlights.  However if you’re looking for the highlight/lowlight look, I would go with the Clariol nice ‘n’ easy range.  The other ammonia free one on the market (Garnier Olio) – coincidentally, also doesn’t have enough product.   I have already blogged about these.

Anyway – back to the actual product, be aware of the mixing bottle, it’s easy to get this the wrong way round and potentially throw product all around the sink.

The application is certainly less messier than other products on the market and the colour when developed, was quite good.

However, I would not use again and if using a L’Oreal colour, I would recommend the Excellence range.

Sorry I can’t comment anymore on it but I was so disappointed – not having enough product is a real issue and not something you can deal with, once you’ve applied what product you do have, so despite L’Oreal’s overtures and appreciated courtesy products of face creams, left me very under whelmed.

4/10 – rating given for the application mechanism and the quality of colour only.