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This is one of the BB creams that have erupted over the last couple of years.  Claims to have use as either a primer before applying foundation, or as a cream to even out skin tone, fine lines & redness.  How does it shape up?

  •  Comes in a standard squeezy tube, there appears to be some problems getting out of the tube, comes out in blobs as opposed to a seamless stroke, like a toothpaste would!  Aside from that minor issue, it does work, with or without make-up.
  • You don’t need to use much, a whole tube can last up to 6 weeks, I would suggest.
  • Overall result with make-up? It certainly seems to disguise the finer lines, especially on the forehead, which would be my problem area.
  • Value for money?  Price point – c€13, although independent chemists often have on special offer for about €8-10, which I think is a better price point, for this particular product.
  • Marks out of 10?  7.5/10, dropped points because of the messy application, but overall a good buy for those on a budget.