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The oft neglected neck area – on catching a glimpse of mine in the harsh daylight, made me realise that the regular face cream was just not doing anything for me!  Neck creams are not that commonplace, so it took a while to find this one (& also another Vichy product – reviewed separately).

NeoStrata was not a brand I was familiar with, but the “targeted treatment” range, which the neck cream is part of, is part of a broader offering of prescriptive type creams.

Price point on this cream is around €40.

Does it work? – I have been using twice daily for about 5/6 weeks now and I have to say, my neck does look firmer and less crepey.  It hasn’t melted away those deep lines, that come with age, but I definitely feel more confident, and not so inclined to cover up my neck now.

IS it worth it – so far, I would say it’s worth every cent.  I’ll be interested to see what the more longer term results are and I will now be trying some of the other products.