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Hello there, well – the 3 weekly home hair colouring session! This time we tried L’OREAL Preference with High Shine Elixir, shade #3 – dark brown.

  • Odour – not pleasant, slight rubbery fragrance, which lingered after washing out as hair dried.
  • Mixing bottle – the “snap off” cap once you have shaken the mixture, needs to be approached with caution – I could potentially see you dropping this and the mixture going everywhere!
  • Application – just about enough mixture for below shoulder length hair.  Mixer bottle application tip, is quite user friendly in terms of parting your hair into sections to disburse the colour.
  • Drip & smudging – despite applying vaseline all around the hair line, neck & ears, the colour still had a tendency to move to unwanted areas.  However, it did all wash off in the rinse stage, and left no lingering blemishes.
  • Timing – 30 minutes for all over, 10-15 minutes for root touch-up.
  • Post rinse conditioner – very silky feeling on applying and quickly detangles the hair.
  • Finished article – good coverage, excellent shine.  Report back in 2-3 weeks and I’ll advise how the colour is bearing up!




Colour lasted well, obviously after 3 weeks the roots started to show, but that has nothing to do with the quality of the colour.